The intent of this section is to help you develop a deeper connection to those that are making your products, those that are curating and filtering them for you, those who take your wellness into account and actually have you in mind when they are researching ingredients, testing effectiveness, and developing their brands.

We wanted to elevate the humanity of it. We realize that we offer you countless options in your pursuit of better, but what we truly want is for you to better understand that the items you purchase are born out of passion, out of someone else’s life journey to help you enhance yours.

Living in a mass produced world has lead us to a scary place, one where our safety is overridden by profit, where connecting the dots has become cluttered. Those featured here, The Pursuers, are leading the change in reversing that. These incredible, creative and giving people are helping turn the tide. We want to celebrate their efforts, their life journeys, their products and services. We’re inspired by them, we’re thankful for them and we have learned something from each of them.

For us this is one of the most important elements of the site and we hope you enjoy this small glimpse into their world and that it brings a sense of personal connection to your pursuit.

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