It’s our original guilty pleasure, shopping with The Choosy Chick. Here you can find some of the purest lines on the market, personally curated by one of our favorite people, Margot. She’s got a great head on her shoulders and fiercely defends her customers from harmful ingredients, regardless of hype. 

What sparked your passion for clean beauty?

We live in a world today in which we are exposed to thousands of toxins. Cancer, diabetes, asthma, infertility and developmental disorders among other serious health issues are on the rise. Protecting those we love is becoming an increasingly difficult job. An educator for the last 15 years, wife and mother of 4 boys, I understand fully that we need to do everything possible to help the next generations live healthy, sustainable lives. Having been a Health Educator, I always tried to make the best choices for my family.

One Halloween, one of my sons became ill during the application of one of those Halloween makeup kits.  His throat starting burning and he actually vomited. I studied the back of the package and noticed the lengthy list of chemicals in the product. After developing some autoimmune issues and watching so many of our loved ones develop cancer,  I began to look for more ways I could reduce toxins in my home. Like many, I was shocked to learn of the multitude of harmful chemicals in skincare products including those that disrupt hormones and cause cancer.

How do you decide what brands to carry?

We developed our very own standard which has become the foundation for our product selections. We will NOT be duped by natural sounding names or natural looking packaging. Before we accept new products for evaluation, we review them to see if they fit our guidelines:

  1. Products must be SAFE. We spent a long time researching ingredients and have compiled a thorough list of “Big Baddies” in products commonly found in supermarkets, drugstores and so-called health food stores. We will not sell products that contain any of these ingredients. PERIOD. To determine our list of Big Baddies, we referenced the ingredients with The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, The David Suzuki Foundation, The Environmental Working Group, our own favorite Naturopathic Physician- Dr. Matthew Fisel, among other reputable sources.
  2. Products must be EFFECTIVE. We personally test products and have a testing team, to determine if they actually do what they claim. We look for superstars!
  3. Our partners must SHARE OUR MISSION by putting the health and safety of consumers first and by demonstrating sustainable practices for the environment. We support companies that do not test on animals and provide packaging that is reusable and/or recyclable.

What are your “can’t live without” products?

This is hard as we truly have favorites with every line we carry!  At the moment, I can’t live without:

Rustic Maka Pachy Deodorant –  It works, spreads beautifully  and we use everyday!

Graham Gardens Lemongrass Milk Soap – great for the whole family and our recent discovery at how it works to knockout a skin freak-out of acne makes it score an A+.

DN-UNIK Day/ Night Cream – What a discovery we made with this lovely new line from France. I use daily and my dry/combo mature skin just loves it and leaves hydrated and soft!

Josh Rosebrook Balance Shampoo & Conditioner – What a duo, my winter dry hair is drinking this up and the aroma it provides when lathering is just incredible. Leaves my hair clean and shiny!

Do you have any tips on transitioning to clean beauty?

We recommend educating yourself first.  Create your own “no” list of ingredients. Visit the complete list: The Choosy Chick’s list of Big Baddies to help you decide which ingredients are important for you and your family to avoid. Use this information to create your own standard for your family, just as you would when shopping for food. We also recommend visiting EWG’s Skin Deep and David Suzuki’s Dirty Dozen List.

Start Simply:  While some people replace everything all at one, this can be confusing and costly. To make it less overwhelming, we suggest starting simply. Consider replacing those products that remain on the skin first.  As you run out of one product, shampoo for example, shop for your green alternative. If you like it and it does the job, then make that your go-to brand. If you have children, start with their products first. Research tells us that babies’ and children’s bodies are more susceptible to the effects of toxins as their body systems have not yet fully matured. Continue this way until you have a replacement for all your personal care products.

The best benefit to switching to green beauty care products is that you will confident in knowing that your bathroom is no longer filled with products that you haven’t been able to trust are safe – for you and your family.  And, the good news is that the growing demand for natural alternatives has sparked a lot of variety.

What is beauty in your own words?

The word beauty encompasses so many things. For me, beauty is not about striving to be as gorgeous as possible on the outside. It is not showy, or flashy but a simple acceptance of one’s self which then allows for acceptance and love of others. On a greater scale, beauty is all around us, and the ability to stop our busy lives and take in the small things, is so important and rewarding.

How do you balance your work life/passions and your personal life?

Our family IS busy over here, and with four boys, life gets quite hectic. It is definitely hard to juggle sometimes. We aim to keep life simple, and spend a lot of time together as a family, rather than running on a continuous hamster wheel from one activity to the next. We enjoy family walks, movie nights, and just a good game of ball! Managing The Choosy Chick allows me to connect with others that are passionate about the same things that I am. I truly enjoy my relationship with our customers and colleagues.  We have become a community of people concerned about toxins in our food, products and environment. We unite to provide the best for ourselves and families to support a healthy lifestyle and we learn from each other every single day.

Lastly, what is your life’s pursuit?

Don’t stand still! If you feel passionate about something, take action. Stand up and do something, even if it is hard work. And when it gets hard and you feel like quitting, try harder. If everyone stood back and watched things happen, where would this world be? We try and teach this to our kids regularly. If something doesn’t seem right, be the one that stands up and does something about it. This can be applied at school when someone gets picked on, or on a greater scale, like contacting your legislators when you don’t agree with something that is happening in your state. Our current battle on the toxins issue is going on right in our very town, as they are about to install two new crumb rubber tire playing fields. Our research tells us that crumb rubber tires are not safe playing material for children and that municipalities should take the precautionary principle and refrain from installation. This is a tough fight, but we will see it through to the end. We won’t stand still.


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