As luxury fanatics, we understand the draw towards high end and brand name goods. We want the “it” bag of the season or the sky high, sexy pumps that are murder to walk in (but look sooooo good). Sometimes, budget allowing, we even indulge. But we also have that sinking feeling inside that urges us to do better, that wants to support sustainable fashion and make that the next coveted thing. So as fashionistas ourselves, we decided it was time to search for some alternative handbags that get our heart a pumping and make us want to whip out our wallets, without any of our furry friends involved – and truth be told, we kind of loved it!


Gunas Bridget Bag
This color blocked beauty is a classic staple for any wardrobe, offering statchel or cross body conversion wear. We adore.
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Stella McCartney Falabella Quilted Tote
If you love SM like we do, then you've been happy that she is cruelty-free with her line. If you aren't familiar, her bags aren't exactly affordable, but they are pretty much everything, and this blushing studded version currently holds our hearts.
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Kayu Akumal Clutch
Kayu gets us in the whimsical, chic department and this woven, metallic, tassle adorned clutch is pretty much everything we've ever wanted for summer.
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Wilby Bailey Satchel
This Wilby Bailey Suede Satchel is perfect for pretty much anything. Made of cork "leather" this highly sustainable material will take you from day to night while looking effortless.
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Crystalynkae Double Envelope Clutch
Party ready or a great pop of sheen to a travel cross body, this clutch is roomy, yet sleek and quite frankly giving us all the feels. BTW, it looks exactly like leather.
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Deux Lux
While not exactly a handbag, this Weekender is everything you've ever needed for light travel. The material looks incredibly chic while still being cruelty free. We love the whole line, actually.
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LaBante Dunlin Black
This all black, studded beauty helps us stay organized and edgy, all year round. The light weight faux material reads touch, but feels supple.
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Jill Milan Nolita Crossbody
If you're into luxe leather looks (like this faux alligator), this line is for you. Completely believable yet completely cruelty-free, we love the opportunity to carry beautiful bags without the harm.
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Mat & Nat Abiko Clutch
You truly can't go wrong when it comes to Mat & Nat, but this clutch offers everything you need for a quick business meeting to drinks with the gals.
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