We tend to think of beauty and body products as a woman’s thing. True, that’s primarily who it’s marketed to and we link the many toxic chemicals to a number of health issues, especially reproductive health issues, to mostly women. But men also enjoy looking and feeling good, and even if they don’t admit it, they shouldn’t skimp on the important skincare rules of exfoliation, moisturizing and sun protection. Even if they refuse, they still cover the basics of washing their hair, shaving their faces and using deodorant. And that reproductive harm thing? Definitely applies to men.

Exposure to the toxins in products can lead to low sperm count, male infertility, abnormal hormone fluctuations, testicular and prostate cancer and even poor quality semen which can lead to miscarriage in a partner. Then of course we can get into endocrine disruption, other forms of cancer and a wide range of negative health effects. Scary stuff, right? Well, we’ll say no more, but the point is men’s product choices are just as important as women’s. The entire family, actually. So if the men in your life need a little guidance, we’ve put together a guide you can link them to below. And if you’re in charge of the purchasing, don’t forget to swap his products for safer options.


Graydon Clinical Luxury Aloe Milk Cleanser
Dirty faces, rejoice! Get super clean without stripping away the natural oils your skin needs to thrive. The creamy oil-based cleanser works for all skin types (and even works it's way into beards) dissolving bonds and pulling out dirt, sebum and gunk lodged deep within your pores. Fresh as a daisy, er, pine tree?

Josh Rosebrook Active Enzyme Exfoliator
Man, woman, whomever - everyone needs this scrub. Dual action with botanical enzymes and a physical scrub element, your skin has never been so smooth. It also works to brighten, firm, and soften skin as it renews. Anti inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant agents are also infused into this powerhouse product, and scrubbing away dead skin cells makes fine lines less apparent. Not that you have any.

ACURE Brightening Facial Scrub
If you're looking for a more affordable option that's still highly effective, ACURE's version is a safe staple. Organic sea kelp gently exfoliates while french green clay and organic lemon peel remove impurities. Organic Chlorella Growth Factor and Argan Stem Cells help stimulate new cell growth while providing a deep cleansing, brightening experience.

Ursa Major Stellar Shave Set
When it comes to Ursa Major, every single thing they make is perfectly suited for a man. But we particularly love the Stellar Shave set. It contains their raved about Stellar Shave Cream, Fortifying Face Balm which is perfect for soothing any irritation and their stunningly crafted Black Walnut Razor. Smooth.

100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream
If you're dealing with dark circles and puffiness, this caffeine laced eye treatment is Johnny on the spot. No intense balms, just a quick acting moisturizer that also combats the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Yuni Active Calm Face Serum
Yuni is an exceptional line with effective products geared towards active people. We love so many of their items, but for men this Active Calm Face Serum works wonders to add deep moisture, recharge glow and soften tension lines, which men tend to get as they age. Certified organic buriti oil, blended with fair trade green tea extract activates, firms and sculpts. Also, check out their biodegradable Shower Sheets, perfect post workout.

Mukti Organic Antioxidant Facial Oil
15 precious cold pressed nut and seed oils pack a powerful antioxidant punch. Fights free radicals, balances and hydrates. Doubles as a regenerating night moisturizer and as a booster to normal daily skin care. Increases collagen production and elasticity, too. And yes fellas, you need that.

Kari Gran Three Sixty Five SPF 28
Men don't get a pass in the sun protection department, so we'll make this easy. Rub on your face after moisturizing. Voila! And we love Kari Gran's physical, broad-spectrum, facial sunscreen made with organic and non-gmo ingredients designed to be used 365 days of the year. Comes out white, dissolves transparent, leaving a protected, perfecting finish.

Josh Rosebrook Balance Shampoo
Same can be said for Josh's products that we say about Ursa, being a man himself, his products are perfectly formulated for them. Especially his Balance Shampoo. Formulated to offset excessive oiliness, aloe vera, gentle natural cleansers and advanced herbal infusions work in unique synergy to cleanse impurities and balance scalp conditions for effortless manageability.

Herbivore Bamboo Charcoal Soap
Dirt, stink and oil need not apply! This Bamboo Charcoal bar from Herbivore is no joke. The activated Bamboo Charcoal deeply cleanses and detoxifies, drawing impurities and toxins from deep within pores. Its powerful absorption properties gives an amazing deep clean while also naturally exfoliating.

CV Skin Labs Body Repair Lotion
Extra plush yet quick absorbing, this soothing and deeply hydrating lotion tames even the most inflamed, itchy, sensitive skin. Made without essential oils and completely unscented, it's perfect for preserving manly skin.

Ursa Major Hoppin' Fresh Deodorant
See, what'd we say about Ursa Major. Everything. This is the only all-natural deodorant we've found that's man proof. That's why we use it, too. It eliminates underarm odor while absorbing excess moisture and soothing sensitive skin. It also smells nice and robust, conquer the world robust.

Davids Premium Natural Toothpaste
Fresh breath, natural whitening, plaque control, fluoride free, SLS free, made of recyclable metal and supporting American jobs. Check!

Henne Organics Lip Balm
Experience legit luxury with HENNÉ's 100% natural, moisturizing and healing organic lip balm. Super nourishing, this balm protects from the elements with organic avocado, coconut and jojoba oils. Also great for rough cuticles, ahem.


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