Potty training. You’ve heard it all: the “it only takes 3 days”, the “he’s probably just not ready”, or the “boys are harder than girls”… and you’ve probably believed a little bit of all of it. But truth be told, when you have no idea where to start and somewhat starting here and there is probably confusing your poor child – and we’ve been there.

You can look on the web or Pinterest for a Potty Training program until your eyes cross. Everyone claims to be an “expert”, but yet none of the ideas or formats are consistent. It’s easy to feel frustrated, confused and overall deflated. Do you reward? Do you allow Pullups? How will this work at school? What if it’s been 3 days and we still aren’t potty trained? Wine please!

That’s why our favorite tool (3 staffer approved along with multiple friend handoffs) is the book “Oh Crap! Potty Training” by a Jamie Glowacki.

Don’t worry, it’s not more of what you’ve read online. You’ll likely want to call Jamie up and take her for drinks after your first chapter.

The book is humorous – it is poop we’re talking about – and yet realistic. The approach is very down to earth and encouraging, consistently reminding you that this is your child and you are the only “expert” on your child. Her lessons are very much interpretable to your personal experience and journey, as well, she’s worked with thousands of children, so her ability to cover any scenario, any question, and any temperament is quite astounding.

The outcome? All that have read the book have potty trained, but better yet we were able to handle milestones, setbacks and accidents that can come with successful potty training. Better yet, we all found it enjoyable.



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