In a lifetime that seems so far away (ahem, before children), we never really minded spending some money on fancy undergarments and sleepwear, something that made us feel flirty and feminine. So it seems like an ironic twist when a few years later you find yourself bleary eyed while breast feeding searching menopause sites for pajamas that are more expensive than the ones you can recall from your past.

Now, why on earth would one be searching for moisture wicking pajamas? Night sweats. If you’ve ever found yourself waking up in the middle of the night debating whether you actually wet the bed or just ran a triathlon, you might just know what we’re talking about.

After having a baby its fairly normal to experience night sweats as your body tries to deplete excess water and regulate hormones. It’s also fairly common for this to last up to 2-4 months. So what if you’re 8 months out and still a human fountain? Seems quite common as well. Our panel of Obstetricians and Physicians assured us that this can happen for quite an extended period, especially if you’re nursing. Though it can be any hormonal or metabolic variance, most likely it’s related to a progesterone deficiency. During pregnancy, your main source of progesterone is the placenta, so after delivery your body, as if it hasn’t been through enough, goes through withdrawal resulting in night sweats. But if you continue nursing, your ovaries are typically lacking in progesterone production (similar to perimenopause), so the night sweats continue. 

Rest assured that you aren’t the only Mama out there who is dying to shower as soon as her alarm goes off, if not before. And we’re sorry we don’t have a solution for you, but we’ve gathered a few tips to help keep you more comfortable:

  • Try a cool shower before bed or use an ice pack under your neck – if that’s too cold, under your pillow case
  • Use a little talc-free baby powder in those moisture prone places to help absorb
  • Wear cotton or moisture wicking pajamas, they even make moisture wicking sheets if interested
  • Lower the temperature or turn up your AC – just dress baby for the climate
  • Stay hydrated

There are actually some cute pajama options on the market right now and they truly pull the moisture away from your skin, which is a nice relief. Our suggestion would be to purchase more than one pair to rotate while you’re washing the other, and wash often. Like athletic gear, don’t use fabric softener as it will clog the wicking pores.


Stay cool, Mamas!


And as always, if you suspect something unusual, we encourage you to talk with your own Doctor for more personal treatment, because our opinions are never a substitute for professional medical care.

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