It is both extremely tough and super simple to sum up our love for Josh, and his namesake brand Josh Rosebrook Skin & Haircare. We’ll probably spend more on that coming up shortly. But as not to write a novel, he’s the epitome of what this movement, this industry, is all about. He’s gracious, he’s appreciative, and he has his finger on the pulse of a darn good product. He spends his time researching, learning, developing, evolving and you can feel his intention with every interaction and every use of his product. Simply, he’s quite special.

Why are you so passionate about clean beauty?

I’m extremely passionate about clean beauty mostly because pure unadulterated plants and herbs formulated correctly are simply the most effective treatment for the skin. How herbs work with the body, the bio-alignment, the regenerative support, is absolutely fascinating to me. Plants and herbs are the original source of detoxification and nutrient facilitation for the body, it’s the true, real medicine and conventional, synthetic beauty products are just trying to mimic what is found in nature, but it’s no match. Not even close. We’ve been lied to and sold unhealthy products and I want more for myself and my friends and clients, that is why I’m passionate. All people deserve worth and value when purchasing a product. The last thing any product should be is harmful.

Where do you draw inspiration for your line?

That is a big question. It’s been a long journey. I started making products 20 years ago and initially my inspiration was how effective certain plants and herbs were as topical treatments. To be honest, my only desire in the beginning was to please myself and make products that improved my complexion. I wasn’t interested in anything more than visible results from natural ingredients.  I was always (and still am) fascinated and inspired by the power of herbs and plants when they are used together in specific ways in formulations. Developing and sharing my treatments, creating a brand and the education and approach behind it, my inspiration comes from many facets of life. First of all, meditation brings me answers, inspiration and guidance for the products and the brand. When you let go of the mind and the ego and dissolve into your spirit, there is a shift in frequency. Your whole being resonates on a deeper level and ideas, visions and understandings prevail. I’m endlessly inspired by meditation, art, architecture and philosophy as well. Essential oils are a huge catalyst of inspiration for me. They are mega-healers and their ability to shift our brain chemistry and emotions on a biological level is one of the most profound things I have encountered on this planet. Designing an aroma for a product is inspiring singularly and cohesively as it relates to the treatment. You have to consider the customer and what is most healing, accessible and least offensive, honestly.  The effective herbal treatment comes first, the perfect aroma is the icing. Many things can inspire a person who is connected to their creativity, their own alignment with self – it’s unlimited.

What are your “can’t live without” products?

All of my products of course! I can’t live without my Herbal Infusion Oil,  Active Enzyme Exfoliator, Cacao Antioxidant Mask, Hydrating Accelerator and Deep Hydrating Serum.

I also love RMS Uncover up and I adore Agent Nateur No 3 deodorant.

What is your advice (especially to other men) on the importance of skin and haircare?

If anyone in particular scoffs at skin care, then it’s not for them, they don’t care, and I have no advice for people who don’t care – they aren’t interested.

How do you balance your work life/passions and your personal life?

Naturally, I’ve grown personally through growing the company over the years. The expansion goes hand in hand. I’ve sacrificed a lot to do what I’m doing, especially when I was younger, but I always knew it would be worth it, and it is. I couldn’t have handled what I’m doing today if it was on my plate 10 years ago. That is the beauty of growth and evolution. I have always needed to take a lot of time to myself in order to feel how I need to feel to operate my best. That means factoring in meditation time before I leave home for pretty much anything. I’m a private person and I need a lot of alone time for contemplation, meditation and yoga. I love my relationships with close friends and family and I make time for the connection and authentic conversations and experiences that we share. I’ve learned to be very honest with myself regarding my needs at any given time and many times that means I need to take care of myself, stay in, and not hang out or attend social gatherings. It means I need to rest, sleep, meditate, exercise or just be alone. That is how I stay balanced.

Lastly, what is your life’s pursuit?

What is most important to me is to heal and expand. The deepest truth of my being, through everything, is to surrender, allow, and be more empathic to all people, to all my relations. I’m here on this planet to be light, information, unconditional love. That is what inspires me, that is my pursuit.

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