There’s something stunningly beautiful about a person whose sole mission is to make a difference. Even more so when that person is so intent on reaching others on an individual level. Jeannie has done just that by creating Spa Heroes and Beauty Heroes, one of our favorite subscription boxes. But beyond that, she’s accessible, she’s helpful, she’s encouraging and she’s intelligent. If human beings had Hero Ingredients, she’d have all of the best ones.

What sparked your passion for clean beauty?

I learned that that there were harmful ingredients in beauty products around 2001-2002, when I was the Spa Director at the Four Seasons in San Francisco. The moment I learned this, I became very curious. It was a no-brainer to me; I thought that if a product were harmful, why would I use it, on my spa guests or on my body. As the person responsible for deciding what products we used in the spa, I felt like it was an unethical to place products in the spa that I knew contained harmful ingredients to be used on our guests. That was the spark that led me to where I am today as the founder of Beauty Heroes.

Where do you draw inspiration for your subscription box?

Sometimes I draw inspiration from the Founder of a beauty brand, other times I’m inspired first by the actual product. There’s a story behind each collaboration and each one starts from a different inspiration. But I don’t collaborate with any brand or person unless I am inspired to do so. Lucky for me, there’s plenty of inspiration these days. I am buzzing with fun collaborations already in progress and others that I hope will happen in the future. I love working directly with the founder of each brand we feature to co-create a memorable experience for our members and clients.

What are your “can’t live without” products?

That’s a hard question; it’s like choosing children. I love to share my experience with In Fiore’s Lustra and Treate cleansing duo, this pair has seriously stopped my breakouts and healed my acne scars. Lustra is a decadent cleansing oil that’s beautifully scented and Treate is a perfect creamy cleanser that is meant to layer over Lustra. Together they create a supremely effective nightly cleansing ritual that I deeply enjoy.  This ritual has made such a noticeable and truly life-changing impact on my skin.

I love discovering products that are unlike anything I’ve ever touched before and Mahalo Skin Care’s The Petal is a hydrating mask that is sublime and totally unique. It has an incredible list of superpower ingredients that really do leave my skin soft as a petal. It’s so gentle that I can use it every day if I want to.

I recently discovered Josh Rosebrook’s Hydrating Accelerator and it’s such an amazing all around toner and hydrator. I love that men and women can use it as the perfect product for every season. It’s the kind of ‘Hero Product’ I want to have a bottle of in every room.

Do you have any tips on transitioning to clean beauty?

I know that cleaning up my beauty and all the products in my home has made a huge impact on my health.  About 8 years ago when I decided to get pregnant I discovered that I had a severe endocronoligcal disorder that caused me to be infertile.  After cleaning up all of the products in my home, along with treatments from a homeopath, my condition resolved itself. It took some time, and I did end up getting pregnant and having a healthy child, thankfully. Because of this I am a big advocate for taking the plunge and doing it all at once.  There are clean alternatives for just about everything.  But if you don’t want to do that, of course, small shifts make a difference.

Back when I was a Spa Director I wanted to have a cheat sheet that would simplify ingredient information for my staff, our clients and me. So when I started Beauty Heroes, I created our pocket guide to ingredient intelligence.  It lists the 20 most toxic ingredients cross-referenced with the most prevalent ingredients found in beauty products. The premise is that if you just eliminated these 20 ingredients from your products, you’d be making a huge shift in your health. The guide is free for anyone at

What is one piece of advice you’d tell everyone about skincare?

Use less, Love more. This has been my mantra and practice. What it means to me is to be connected to what you use on your body. Slow down and take time to learn about who makes your products, what’s in them and find what works for you. And really love what you use on your skin and body. Selecting healthy products to put on your skin is an act of self-love, love for those who craft them and love for our planet. Love your skincare routine fully.

How do you balance your work life/passions and your personal life?

When I started my company, I set out to work with great people, but I thought it was far-fetched to think that I could work with people that I enjoyed working with, and dare I say, loved. But I’ve learned that IT IS possible.  One of the ways that I have come to balance work, life and my passion has been by working with people that I love. It makes work a lot more fun and full of joy, and when you’re working as many hours as I work, that really makes a huge difference. Also, I have a very supportive husband who makes balance easier by being interested in my work. Even with all this, I don’t feel like I’ve mastered balance. I see my friends less than ever. But I have great friends, and luckily we can pick up anytime, anywhere even for short amounts of time and still maintain a deep friendship.  I am still working towards having more time to spend with my dad, who lives in Hawaii. I look forward to finding more time to be with him, he’s my best friend.

Lastly, what is your life’s pursuit?

My life’s pursuit is to find my highest form of service, in my work and in my day-to-day way that I conduct myself.  Also, trust is very important to me, and I learned that self-trust it where it all begins for me.  Being an entrepreneur requires that I trust myself to handle anything that happens, success and failure.  And one of my most important values is conscious consumption and my desire to make decisions that are healthy for others, the planet and me. Being conscious about what we consume is an act of self-love, and I’m all about that.

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