Another Indie Beauty Expo has come and gone, and I’m still reeling over the energy and experience of it all. If you haven’t made it to an Expo yet, you must! (Next stop, New York City on August 23) It is by far the leading event for smaller, innovative brands emerging on the market that are doing amazing things, along with some excellent educational panels that you just can’t find anywhere else. It’s also a space that invites many of the leading minds behind the greater movement that goes into intentionally created products and consumption, which is simply inspiring.

As far as Dallas goes, I’d have to say it was one of my favorites (and it was my 5th time). I mean, I always love the events in LA and NYC and the absolute heart that the IBE team puts into each location, but Dallas was a different speed. It was a bit smaller being their first foray into Texas, but it was actually quite nice. It felt accessible, giving ample time with exhibitors to ask questions, try the products and interact with the brands. The space was absolutely stunning, adorned with flower walls and flower crown stations, gorgeous installations on the walls, upbeat music and let’s not forget that open bar (solid choice IBE team!). The flow was open and inviting and the entire event was so thoughtfully done that you feel alive just by being in the space.


An amazing location, maybe it's because I'm southern, but we felt right at home here!

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Honored to moderate the Stop & Swap panel on going Indie with clean beauty swaps!

Plant Apothecary spreading wisdom.

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Amazing ladies you need to know!

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Lisa (This Organic Girl) and I taking a break!


With more time to connect with the creators, I certainly got to dive deeper into some brands. Some I’d known, some I hadn’t, but each I came away with a better understanding and respect for. There were a few, however, that I felt deserved a little extra attention, so these are the brands at Indie Beauty Expo Dallas you need to know!



Already a huge fan of my newly discovered favorite mascara (Lola Lash Too), having the chance to meet with founder of the Australian based brand, Valerie Giraud, was a dream. Hearing her gracefully talk about the inspiration behind the natural and Certified Organic line was refreshing, and as someone who’s always seeking products that are not only gentle on the skin but high performing, I further fell in love with their richly pigmented shadows and fluffy, cruelty-free brushes. I also geeked out a little bit over their upcoming launch of liquid foundation. I was able to swatch the shades and feel the texture on my skin, and let me just say, I’m counting down the days until they launch.

PRODUCT(S) YOU NEED: As mentioned, the Lola Lash Too Mascara is my new top favorite. Then the Certified Organic Baked Blush, these gorgeous shades are swirled with a variety of colors that meld into perfect tones that accentuate your cheek bones. From Peach to Blush Rose, they’re all stunning and perfect for a wide range of skin tones.


blush_stacked_web_fbece380-2dfb-41f8-b4b8-63d56fe032fd_600x200Talk about being impressed – it’s rare that I cross a brand that not only catches my eye with their gorgeous packaging, but in talking with Carolyn, founder and formulator, I was simply blown away with her expansive knowledge of ingredients, sourcing, processes, and their ability to work within our bodies and foster the health of the skin. She bases everything on extensive herbal studies and has some unique products to offer – and I see a lot of products. I feel like I’m not even doing them justice with this brief snippet, but believe me when I say this is a brand that prides itself in quality and integrity, and it’s definitely one I see rising very quickly.

PRODUCT(S) YOU NEED: You guys, Rose + Sea Buckthorn Vitamin C Hydration Mist – you read that right. And if you are like me, you swooned, hard. The combo of ingredients was pretty much tailor-made for what I desire: soft, soothed skin, increased collagen production, Vitamin C protection and a hydrated glowing complexion. Seriously, its like finding gold. And the Moon Cycle Cream is a beautiful and powerful little balm that can be massaged into the abdomen or lower back if you’re experiencing menstrual pain (or anywhere on your body that hurts). Packed with Arnica, Clary Sage, Golderod, Myrrh and Helichrysum, it works to calm, relieve, relax and it works like a charm.


fitglow-logo-smAnother brand I’d experienced a few items, yet had no idea how much I was a fan of pretty much everything they are doing. Not only has founder Anna created one of the most gorgeous makeup collections on the market (a clean collection at that), but she’s got some superb, active skincare items that I am really enjoying. To make matters even better, there are some skincare and makeup items about to debut that I literally begged to take home right then and there. My begging was to no avail because they literally haven’t been packaged yet, but I pleaded to be the first person to be able to access them when they are. Yes, I’m really that jazzed about them. I also truly love Anna and her perspective on not only the creation of her passion product, but life in general. She truly set out to help women feel good in their skin, and she’s a living example of that.

PRODUCT(S) YOU NEED: I’d say hands down the Vita-Active Serum is a star, packed with Niacinamide, Plant Stem Cells, Bearberry, Peptides, Astaxanthin, Seaweed Brighteners, High Level Bio-Lipids, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Turmeric and Aloe Vera – it really helps decrease hyperpigmentation and sun damage while smoothing and brightening skin. Also, the Cloud Comfort Cream is the ideal moisturizer for those that want intensive soothing but not a heavy feel. It’s ultra calming and helps retain moisture while improving skin condition, not to mention I woke up with the softest, most settled skin ever. (And lastly the Mineral Eye Trio in Twighlight, cause you’ve seen on my Instagram how much I adore it!)


1482048722Seriously, the husband and wife team of Whole Body Apothecary were some of my favorites. About as knowledgeable as they come and willing to spend the money on absolute transparency in their products, I was totally enlightened by the educational chat we had. Oh, and their slogan is a “company against crapification of products and services” – can I get an Amen?! From incredible smelling soaps and deodorants, to herbal teas and speciality, lab tested CBD products, I truly enjoyed their simplistic, humerous and sustainable items.

PRODUCT(S) YOU NEED: I’m a patchouli/sandalwood/amber fanatic, and if you love those woodsy, musky scents their handmade soap in Brochacho with the matching deodorant are amazing. As well as the same products in Lemongrass. Oh, and if you work out, have achy joints or are prone to injury, their 100% Natural Muscle Rub was superb. I’d had some shoulder stress while at the event and seriously within 5 minutes of applying I felt relief I hadn’t had since flying in 2 days prior.


logoI always get to chat with Julie briefly at each show, but this time I really got a feel for her passion and how much she knows about the skin. I’d been a fan of a few of her products already, but hearing about her approach, sourcing and the way she is inspired by her clients and their needs was really a treat. I also enjoy how she has created an all-encompassing line, not just for the face, but the body, treatments for specific concerns, the home and even a few gifts for the lovers!

PRODUCT(S) YOU NEED: I haven’t traveled in the past two years without Province’s Moisturizing Cleanser + Makeup Remover because it’s amazing, yet gentle, and also effective – while coming in a TSA approved size. You know me and my oil cleansers! I’m also highly obsessed with their Parfum Botanique No. 14 – and I can’t believe I’m telling you that, because I keep what I wear as a fragrance close to my chest. It’s sweet and spicy and I’m in love. They also have other combinations, so don’t overlook them when looking for your next signature scent.


circcell_logo_squareOne of the very first cleaner products I tried was their Red Algae Clarifying Mask, but I sort of veered away from the brand as not all items are 100% clean. I’ve now reconsidered my position on recommending them because I’ve realized that not everyone is on my end of the green spectrum. There is a need for an in between, I see that now. I forget that I used to be one of those gals who depended on her Retinol, SkinCeuticals, Chemical Peels, and sometimes women are looking to do better in baby steps and Circ Cell is that next step. Founder Maya Crothers subs out botanical ingredients where she can, and then refers to science for the high performance of other components. In comparison to many of the conventional brands on the market, Circ Cell has a much better ingredient deck, yet there is the balance of visible results. Some of their items are 100% natural, because they do believe in relying on that when you can, but as a whole they are a hybrid of marrying science with nature.

PRODUCT(S) YOU NEED: As mentioned, the Red Algae Clarifying Mask, is a super effective mask that will clear up any congestion, shrink pores, help cellular regeneration and leave skin revived and refreshed. I can even use it as a spot treatment and VOILA, gone! I also love their Vitamin C Ampoules, never harsh on the skin they’re also perfectly portable, so you can pack however many you need for the trip and not worry about bulky packaging.


logo-2If you know about the brand or you don’t know about the brand, you should know that their high performing cosmetics are clean, perform exceedingly well, have a plethora of options to rival any conventional brand – and their new packaging is as striking as they come. They’re also activists in the #cleanbeautyrevolution, fighting daily to help overturn our dated cosmetic regulations in the nation. I was able to swatch and play with their new colors (pretty much all the way up my arm) and innovating technologies, and I literally had a wish list a mile long.

PRODUCT(S) YOU NEED: Their Swipe On Essential Eye Pencil just rose to the top of my list with its gel like application and mega long staying power. If you need to replace your Dior, Urban Decay 24/7 or anything else you think you can’t live without, look no further (and they have 10 shade options). Along with that is the Super Fine Powder Eye Shadow – it’s in a roller ball – and it’s the coolest, most convenient product I have. You can literally roll it right over your lid where you’d like it even shading, making a cat eye or then smoking out with a brush. Its so easy and fun! Oh, and the pigment is STUNNING. Good luck choosing a color though (but if I may, Pyrite, Dark Opal, Copper and Ballet are sure fire winners!)


PLANT logo with ApothecaryUnmistakable product design, you may recognize this brand from your local Target (AWESOME!) And even though I did realize who they were, I’d never tried anything from the line and I was in for a real surprise. Husband and wife team creators so generously shared their story and struggles with sensitive skin and walked me through the line. It’s simple, but don’t let that fool you, they are intentionally created to be effective but never more than you need as not to overload or aggravate the skin. A bonus is they are created for the entire family.

PRODUCT(S) YOU NEED: By far my favorite Body Wash is the Calm Down variety which is organic ginger and lavender. It’s the right amount of calm for any time of the day with a hint of zingy ginger, and thus far my son loves it, too!  And one of their new releases, which is quite superb, is their Super Facial Oil. With a saturated face oil market it takes a lot to stand out, but this protective serum deeply moisturizes, restores, fights wrinkles and leaves you with noticeably softer skin – I’ve been using it every day for the last week. It also absorbs quite quickly which is great for someone like me with dry skin who also likes to use it during the day under my sunscreen.


***Honorable mention to goes to Honey Belle Shop, while I didn’t get to check out all of their products and ingredients, I did enjoy chatting with the creators. They so generously gave us all their Kissable Lip Balm since we were about to head out on our flights, and once applied it literally lasted the entire 4 hours back to California. It also only has a handful of safe ingredients, so that’s a major win!


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