Life. I really like to pack mine full with kid things, work things, family things, pet things, house things – and right now it feels a little bit overwhelming. On top of that I run a full time website/business and come across a lot of things I really want to share even on top of my scheduled content. Since I’m running at a frenetic pace I thought I’d just compile a list of all of the things I’m loving, reading, learning, drinking, you know – anything I’m in pursuit of, hence HOT PURSUIT. It’s really just about me downloading what I’m finding and passing it along, because that’s what I love doing – so I hope you love exploring it!

HENNE ORGANICS LUXURY LIP TINTMaybe it’s just me, but I am SUCH a fan of tinted balms lately. Anything that is easy to apply on the go but keeps me looking put together I’m here for.

FREE CASTLES IN ITALY: Got an idea? You might get a castle!

YETI HOPPER 20: Don’t fan girl over a cooler? You might if it makes your life easier (beach trips, road trips, grocery trips, toting wine – who me?)

Speaking of wine… Summer + Rosé + Organic = GO

SILK PILLOW CASEScores major points for not stealing products off my face, not frizzing my hair, and its always the perfect temperature.

COYUCHI FOR LIFE: Yes, you can Subscribe to organic sheets. Sleep in sustainability, cut out waste.

GIFTS OF IMPERFECTION: Because loving yourself wholeheartedly is the best idea.





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