Contour and Highlight have been having a moment, maybe too much of a moment. And then along came Strobing and now its Color Correcting. It’s hard to keep up. One thing we’ll admit, though, is that we ADORE that lit from within glow. For us, it’s not a trend, but a great way to pull off a healthy, yet strategically placed, complexion. That said, not all products are right for all skin types. Mega watt shine with visible glitter CAN work for some, but not all. So don’t worry about spending hours online researching what’s age appropriate, we’ll break down the best options for each decade for that natural, luminous appearance.

Ah, wrinkle free, plump skin. (You won’t appreciate it while you’re in it, but you’ll sure miss it when it changes.) Because the texture of your skin is still vibrant and voluminous you can pull off more shimmery styles, even those infused with glitter. But since the glow is more apparent, stick to one or two locations like cheek bones and the bridge of your nose, as not to look like a walking disco ball. ABP PICK: Jane Iredale 24kt Gold Dust
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Finely milled shimmer and sheer application are perfect for this sector, keeping the focus on cheek bones and possibly the corner of the eye if you need to look more awake (Hello, career. Hello, kids). Skip anywhere like under eyes or the brow bones that might highlight emerging fine lines or make you look stuck in the 90s. ABP PICK: Orglamix Enlighten Cream Luminizer
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As age progresses so should the sheerness of highlighting products, less visible shimmer is key. Opt for more skintone based products that enhance your complexion instead of adding unnatural streaks. If you’re feeling a loss of lip volume, dab on the cupids bow for a little lift. ABP PICK: Ilia Cosmic Dancer
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Once you reach 50 your skin tends to reach a plateau in both dryness and loss of volume. For a believable glowing complexion rely on serums and oils to provide luminosity. Tap onto cheek bones and lips for a youthful look, you can also bring back more moisture with a hydrating toner. ABP Pick: Gressa Illuminating Serum
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