gressa reviseIf you follow ABP on Instagram, you’ve likely seen the last year of raving on and on about this next product  – and line in general. As sticklers for high performing makeup, when a company nails an item long sought after, it’s like we just can’t sit down, quiet down or put it down. Yes, we’re talking about Gressa Skin, more specifically, their Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation paired with their Minimalist Illuminating Serum.

The Foundation

If you’re anything like us, you’re SO over having a dozen foundations for different needs. The dream product would be a variable foundation that can serve just as well on light coverage days as it does on occasions. Also one that regardless of the coverage, allows skin to breath and allows skin to still look like skin. This checks every single one of those boxes.

The tiniest amount of Minimalist Foundation goes such a long way. It seems best applied with a brush, but it’s also really natural looking with a sponge (and we imagine your fingers would work just fine, too). If you really want full coverage you can easily get there, but we suggest going full force from the start instead of building. Since it dries a semi-matte, powdery finish, adding layers may remove the work you’ve already done.

And speaking of the finish, it is absolutely stunning, unlike anything we’ve seen. Powdery finishes don’t always garner many fans, but this one has some hidden magic in that the semi matte, flawless finish does not in anyway enhance dryness or settle into any lines. It gives a highly perfected look without looking overdone. And yet it also somehow imparts a healthy glow that gently revives the appearance of our skin.

Its also probably worth noting that the tone correcting formula is full of vitamins and extracts that enhance long term clarity and balance, win.

The Illuminating Serum

Luminzers and highlighters tend to fall on a spectrum – from mega watt shine, shimmer and sometimes glitter to just a touch of light reflecting perfection. This one falls on the later end. Gressa’s Illuminating Serum is a gorgeous, quick absorbing serum that accentuates your skin with a subtle pearlized finish. It also works in the long term by nourishing your skin with botanical extracts that improve radiance and clarity. Pat it all over your skin for a bigger boost of brightness prior to your foundation routine or tap on your cheekbones, inner eye, brow bone, bridge of nose and cupids bow upon completing your entire makeup look. Either way, it’s absolute luminous perfection. You can even add a few drops to you body oils and lotions for glowing skin on a night out.

The Purifying Oil

If you’re looking for a hydrating treatment for AM or PM to continue all of this skin enhancing goodness, the Purifying Oil works wonderfully with the above products, or on it’s own. Light enough to add a drop to your morning moisturizer or pat on prior to makeup application (just give it about 5 minutes), it also does a bang up job slathered all over for a night treatment. Combining Immortelle, Rose Hip and Jojoba Oils, it works at diminishing lines, wrinkles, boosts elasticity and soothes skin.

Gressa is coming out with some highly effective skin care and brilliantly performing makeup items. We can’t wait to get our hands on more of the line to share with you because it is definitely a rising star. How they got their non-toxic ingredients to work in a way that accentuates what we’re all working with, we may never know!

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