Investing in your child’s eyesight isn’t something to take lightly. Whether it’s protecting precious eyes from UV rays or purchasing corrective lenses – or both – it can be hard to know what direction to take. Do you grab a cheap pair knowing they’ll probably get lost or damaged, or do you spend a little more on something that’s durable, will grow with your child and has great customer support behind it? It’s always a trade off and you do usually get what you pay for.

That’s why when we heard the Jonas Paul Eyewear story we thought, “what an awesome idea!”

Kids can be a squirmy bunch, taking them to get fitted for glasses could be the stuff circuses are made of, and wouldn’t it be nice to just catch them in a good mood in their own element? If only the store could come to you…

In three easy steps Jonas Paul allows you to order the perfect glasses (prescription or otherwise) for your child from the comfort and ease if your own home:

  • Step One: Order a try-on kit that will arrive right at your door, full of different shapes and styles. No risk at all – shipping is free both ways.
  • Step Two: See what works for your child. Running, jumping, reading – will it stay on? Will it get in the way or fit the size of their precious face? You can see for yourself over the course of the 7 day trial.
  • Step Three: Send back the kit in prepaid packing and head to the website to order your perfect pair of glasses or sunglasses. That convenient.

One thing we noticed when handling the frames was that the quality and construction rivaled some of our own designer versions. They’re stylish, seem to be comfortable and would seemingly take a beating. Each style comes with a very durable case perfect for travel (or book bags for those that need glasses in school, for reading, etc) and come with a cleaning cloth which is nice for smudgy little fingers.

As far as prescriptions go, you can have them ordered through Jonas Paul or simply order the frame and have your optometrist fit them. You can get special anti scratch coatings and a few other really nice options to prolong the life of the glasses.

Overall we are not only super impressed with the glasses themselves, but the brand and customer service behind Jonas Paul Eyewear. Another great element is that you can feel good about your purchase because for each pair of Jonas Paul Eyewear frames purchased they support CBM International to bring vision to a person in need through glasses or corrective surgery. So you can personally play a role in covering the cost of someones eye care and deliver sustainable change to these individuals and their communities.


Buy sight, give sight. We love it.

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