August’s Expert Beauty Selection is one of our hands down favorite masks of all time! Mahalo’s THE BEAN Antioxidant Mask is such a must-have for all skin types, and the reason we claim that is because it provides visible results each time we use it – and that’s not all it does!

On a cellular level the thoughtfully harvested ingredients are doing work! Circulation is being stimulated, cells are being energized and renewed, antioxidants are providing lasting protection – and the smell, sweet goodness, it’s a warm vanilla latte with a side of dark chocolate dream!

In short, our complexion is clear and glowing after use, tone is more vibrant and texture is soft and smooth. It’s a true powerhouse mask and decadent treat all in one!



There is one (1) Hero Product  and one (1) sidekick in this box ($100 value):      

THE BEAN – Pretty sure we summed it up above, but seriously don’t wait another minute before welcoming this into your life. And regularly at $80, to get it for $39 is an amazing deal!

BAMBOO BEAUTY BRUSH – This sustainable beauty mask brush makes each treatment a breeze as far as application, you can delicately go around the contours of your face with perfect precision. ($20)


Ready to subscribe?


If you haven’t hopped on board with Beauty Heroes just yet, we need to have a serious talk. These boxes are an enhancement (or fantastic introduction) to your green beauty journey – we have pretty much loved every single discovery and trust us when we say that what’s to come is pure excitement and pleasure. At some point though, the subscription service will be capped to ensure the best experience for those involved. You don’t want to be left out on this exploration; it’s simply the best discovery system.

As you may (or may not) know, this service was created with ingredient integrity in mind. It’s a monthly subscription box and for the price of $39 per month, you get at least one full-size product comprised of “HERO” ingredients. This makes it different than other subscriptions on the market, in that you aren’t getting deluxe samples, but you’re able to dive deeply into a product and get to know the brand on a singular basis. In the same shipment you usually get a smaller Sidekick product (or more) that is a miniature portion of a product from the same line that compliments the full-size version, another way to explore a brand and see how it works into your routine. Typical value of the box is $85 dollars and above. So you’re at least getting double what you’re paying, if not much more (and it’s usually well over $100).

Aside from the actual products, one thing we treasure about the box is that it’s educational. So often choosing clean alternative products can be overwhelming. Beauty Heroes always comes with a pocket guide that goes into detail about each product and also why it’s a HERO. There are also resources that explain the Villains, or the things we should avoid at all cost. It’s great to toss into your bag and pull out any time you’re shopping or researching products. With every box we learn more and more about the decisions to make and it becomes like second nature.

Oh, and box subscribers get 15% off of the Beauty Heroes Clean Beauty Shop, which has every Hero Product featured, so if you love it you can always replenish your stock at a discount!

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