Behind the Pursuit

A Beautiful Pursuit was created because my penchant for non-toxic luxuries and clean beauty products left me wanting to share what I was learning about ingredients, performance and honestly – what’s worth the spend. My life experience as a makeup artist, publicist and currently in brand development for the beauty industry has led me to test a lot of products and it feels only fair if I detail those that really warrant the praise. Plus, I just enjoy doing the leg work for you.

I like to consider myself an ambassador for a better way of living all the way around. I honestly don’t want to question (nor do I have the time to question) my daily consumption, but I realize that’s the world we live in currently, so I started this mission so we can grow with one another. I’m certainly not here to prove that the choices I make are perfect, but I am always striving to choose better for myself and my family and hopefully you’ll be inspired to do that for yourself as well. Please let this platform encourage and support whatever steps you’re taking along your own pursuit for better.



ABP was created by Amanda Reade with the intent to support others, as they had supported her, move little by little toward a healthier, less toxic, more sustainable lifestyle. One where it wasn’t about perfection, but about finding what works for YOU.

Amanda has a lengthy background in PR, Marketing and Branding and currently works in Business Development for the Indie Beauty Media Group, writes for Beauty Independent and helps share her knowledge through content at the Beauty X Summit series.