I’ve been baking pretty much my whole life, which isn’t surprising considering most southern girls come out with a rolling pin in hand. That being said, when I adopted a healthier, cleaner diet this was the one area where I had a hard time making concessions. Pounds of refined sugar and butter are what make those darn flaky crusts and gooey cookies so delicious – in theory. But those ingredients also wreak havoc on our system and foster inflammation, blood sugar spikes and ultimately lead no where positive, and that’s not even getting into genetically modified components and trace toxins.

Thankfully, my gorgeous friend Michelle over at The Vibrant Kitchen understands where I’m coming from. Her family of bakers also prefers the traditional/conventional ingredients so she’s worked really hard to find substitutes that not only please her high ingredient and baking standards, but the scrupulous palettes of her family as well.

I asked her to help us out a little bit with some substitutions, and God love her, she didn’t give me too much information where I felt overwhelmed, advising we take small steps in subbing things out until we get it right. A girl after my own “better is better” heart.





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